Mitigating factors

10 Oct

Working in advertising can be a bit like peeling an onion: you cry a lot and you can still smell it on your hands hours later.

But there are many things that make it all worthwhile. And these are some of mine.

  • We have an amazing office space smack dab in downtown Victoria just one block from the Bard & Banker, the Irish Times, Temple, Earls, Milestones, plus Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, the curry buffet at the Empress, Roger’s Chocolates and a bunch of panini places. And Pagliacci’s. Food comes first.
  • I work with a sharp, wickedly funny crew. I read once that if you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, you will be able to just sit back and do nothing and you’ll get rich. Hey, why’s that not happening!
  • A client list that anyone, anywhere, would kill for: Columbia Fuels, BC Ferries, Island Savings, Vancouver Island Breweries, The Times Colonist, Liquor Plus, Edoc, McCalls, Ellice Recycle…and on. Great brands with inspiring people who have given us some rope…and we ain’t swinging from it yet.cute_Pug_funny_Oliver
  • We have dogs in the office. Some days only one black pug, other days three dogs chasing each other endlessly around the space. We also have kids in the office all the time. Brad and Tom have tiny ones – that didn’t come out right – so we’ve even got newborns hanging around, soaking in the funk of advertising.
  • Victoria has the warmest, sunniest climate in Canada. I read somewhere that during the month of June every other year, it has the second least amount of precipitation of any city under 325,000 people west of Saskatoon but not including BC or Western Alberta. That sold me. You can walk around naked all year. Although I wouldn’t have all those great co-workers and clients if I did.

A profound thank-you to Rodger Banister for dragging me over here. Now, back to Social Media and other serious matters.


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