Kill your cyber self

26 Jul

“I used to be just like you,” a web-addict says in the video intro to new web 2.0 suicide machine. “Always online, chatting…poking…things were ok. But I was really missing something: my family, my kids growing up, my wife….”

So he did what thousands of other webheads are doing: he killed his cyber self with a visit to this one site.

He untwittered himself. Did away with all his Web 2.0 cyber friends. Closed the book on Facebook. Lynched the LinkedIn profile.

And now his life is his own once he again. He is free to cook for his family, take walks on the beach with his wife, watch the terns nesting in the cliffs.

Like all trends, social media brings it’s share of additive personalities who allow it to overtake their lives. I blogged about these kinds of people last week.

Comforting to know there’s a place you can go when it all becomes too much.

As the suicide server starts to wipe out your contacts and history, you slowly watch your life pass in front of your eyes. Just like the final few moments – so they say – of a real-world death.

No more mayoral caps on FourSquare. No more pings of tweets arriving on Tweetdeck.

Just blessed – and eternal – cyber silence.

………….  .      .             .


3 Responses to “Kill your cyber self”

  1. variedthinking November 23, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    Are your serious, it’s about the only life I have other than looking for a job.

    I still get off the computer and get out of the house. Like today I drove up to Mill Bay via the lower road, up to Shawnigan Lake and down the east side of it and back to Vic. It killed a few hours of what could have been a boring day.

    No I’ll stick with the Web 2.0, be it Facebook or Twitter or what ever else some brain surgeon comes up with to try to make a buck, what else is their other than women and work and the occasional road trip.

  2. designingrenee November 24, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

    I go in fits and starts. Truth be told, I used to blog and blog and blog and FB and poke and poke, and it really did suck up a great deal of my emotional and mental bandwidth. I stepped away from all of it for pretty much the entire time I was in school. Now that I’ve recently graduated, moved to a new city, and am looking for work, I’ve “plugged in” to FB, Twitter, and Blogger again, but this time with a circumspect approach. Still…my mind is noisier than it was just a few months ago. And I know there’s a correlation.

    Is that button above a direct link to zapping it all away in one fell swoop?

    • dougbrowncreative November 24, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

      Yes, you can wipe it out all in one fell swoop. I like what you wrote about your mind being noisier. That’s a good take on it. It is noise in the mind. It’s how you use the noise that determines the value of your time in the spaces I guess.

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