The astonishing art/design of Victoria’s Matt Andres

1 Aug
Art by Matt Andres

Outgrown It’s Self

Meet Matt Andres, the mild-mannered BC Transit employee by day who transforms into a dervish of creative expression in his off hours. Just check his work out >> Matt’s portfolio.

Matt’s art draws you in and submerges you in his world of hallucinogenic colour, motion, mood and texture; he tasers you with the vitality of his work.

Art by Matt Andres


He’s constantly on the move, changing directions, experimenting on the fly, yet prolific beyond belief.

Art by Matt Andres

She Wants Clouds

Definitely my fave artist. Why isn’t this guy rich and famous yet?

Photo of Matt Andres, Victoria artist

Matt Andres photographed by Derek Ford


4 Responses to “The astonishing art/design of Victoria’s Matt Andres”

  1. Ben Weeks (@ben_weeks) October 20, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    Some of the work on Matt’s site shows glimmers of promise. But there’s a long road ahead. Why isn’t he isn’t rich and famous? Because a lot of people have been working in this aesthetic since the 90’s and have taken it farther: Takashi Murakami, Ryan McGinness, and Sue Williams being a few. They’re all worth studying.

    Matt has his own voice as we all do, but it’s getting buried in formal clichés: tattoo-art, new-age, mandalas and photoshop-filters. Unique content is hard to identify at the moment. There isn’t a lot to differentiate his work against that of many others working in this way. So he’s in a challenging position. What would his more direct competition look like? A recent grad of Sheridan College’s Illustration program and a former student of mine is a good example:

    How would I guide Matt to make better work, earn more money and recognition?
    Avoid cliches, study more contemporary art, focus on the message only he can send, read “Seven days in the Art World,” “The Artist’s Way” and “Artist’s Survival Skills,” apply what he learns from those books. And a hail-mary play: send his work to Juxtapoz every 3 months with some writing about his intent-that’s one of the things the bigger buyers and galleries read who might be into the work Matt’s doing already.

    Hope that helps.

    • Doug Brown October 20, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion Ben.

      It’s interesting how from my vantage point Matt’s work is unlike anything in the market and stands out clearly, whereas from your perspective, he is a somewhat derivative artist and doesn’t have a clear differentiator.

      One thing that’s clear to me is that he is deadly serious about his art and I have no doubt of his talent or drive, both of which are bound to serve him well.

      I will draw Matt’s attention to your comment. Cheers.

  2. Matt Andres October 21, 2012 at 7:32 am #

    Interesting. You’re right on some points Ben. Wrong on a couple others. The biggest one being that I use Photoshop filters, I don’t. I use layers of scanned in stains, textures, drawings etc. Besides these abstract designs I also do traditional paintings and drawings.

    I don’t really get why you’re sounding so condescending (“Some of the work on Matt’s site shows glimmers of promise”) when your own work has a look I’ve seen a billion times (maybe they were all done by you?). You do it really well but you can’t tell me that doing an illustration with a bunch of little doodle type items to fill the page isn’t cliche and over-used?

    That wall mural you did is great but I’ve seen that done time and time again.
    We’re from different backgrounds and are probably trying to appeal to a different audience. And that’s cool. I like a lot of ‘cliche’ forms of art that you might stick your nose up at. Of course some of my influences are going to make it into my work.

    It was Doug’s opinion that I should be rich and famous, not mine. I create for myself and if I inspire others that’s amazing. It’d be nice to make a living from it but if that doesn’t happen I’ll still be creating every chance I get. Have no need to be famous.

  3. syndaxvuzz October 22, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    Reblogged this on syndax vuzz.

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