Do-it-yourself sales tools in 2 easy steps!

24 Jan

Sales tools are easy to do.

Cobble together a page or so about what a great business you are, grab a handful of stock photos, and then throw it all together yourself on your Mac and save some money.

Bad idea.

Your sales tools, whether your website, signage, ads, brochures or sales sheets, are an investment in your business. They are often the first impression you’re making to a potential customer. If they look average, so will your company.

If they look like every other business in your vertical, so will your company.

Here’s where a little time, money and perspective can translate massively for you.

The Brand Interventionist Recommends

Businessman breasting the tape

Unfortunate image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


1. Avoid stock photography. Unless you make men’s suits that double as high-performance fitness gear, I’d strongly suggest you never, ever use a “conceptual” photo like this. Thousands of businesses do, with earnest intentions. “Wow, this will really show how we help our customers to succeed in the business race!”

On the contrary, this is wallpaper to your potential customer. Worse, it is bland and silly, and paints your business with that brush.

Stock photos have their place. If you need icons, or animals, or scenery. Need a cup of coffee? Go stock. Need an idea? Go the other way. Hire a creative person. A graphic designer is a good bet. They can conceptualize, design a beautiful and consistent look, and supervise your photo shoot.

2. Pay a copywriter. Everyone can write – you can write – but not everyone can sell. Would you send just anyone out on your sales force? Of course you wouldn’t. You would find a proven, dedicated and results-focused professional. Think of your sales tools as extensions of your salespeople. Go with a pro.

Business people crowded around a computer

A posse of designers and copywriters discussing that brochure of yours! Image from Bigstock.


The marketing of your company is already a line item in your budget. Don’t look to save money here.  You always get what you pay for.

Even better, you don’t have to do it yourself!



2 Responses to “Do-it-yourself sales tools in 2 easy steps!”

  1. lynnedq January 25, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

    Timely advice. Can I steal every single word you wrote here?

    • Doug Brown January 25, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

      For you? Every single word PLUS the silly stock shots Lynne.

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