Think of your brand as a body tattoo

2 Apr

How will tattoos look when I'm older?

Your brand’s personality is for the life of your brand.

It may undergo adjustments over time to reflect growth, just as people do, but the fundamental values should be set.

Just as you or I would keep at arm’s length the people we can’t get a bead on, so it is with brands.

When someone we know and trust says they value something, and their actions prove otherwise, our trust ebbs, if not disappears altogether.

And so it is with brands.

You ensure that the brand articulation you create has lifelong staying power by having an anchor belief as its foundation.

Telus power bar energy saving


Consider Telus. The telecom giant’s brand has an anchor belief that the future is friendly. For 12 years now, they have hit consistently at this belief through every customer touchpoint.

(You might argue that they haven’t been as successful on the delivery of the belief through customer service, but their promise of a friendly future allows them to disappoint you today!)

Your brand believes in something. It exists to deliver that belief.

When it stops delivering it, the bond with the customer is broken and the brand diminishes. All it takes is a stumble in our consumer-driven market and the crowd will stampede over you.

Beliefs, in the world of branding, are forever – something you want to take care to get right the first time.

The articulation of it should never be viewed as a means to an end. Like the tattoo that covers you from head to toe, it is a statement of life-long conviction. The means should flow from that.



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