Finding a strategic advantage for a small Victoria business

17 Jul

Fastrac Print and Mail, Victoria, BCWhen I started working with Victoria-based printing and direct mail company Fastrac a few months back, I quickly realized what was missing was a clear differentiator.

Fastrac owner Greg Hawes has a great rep in the market for being a good professional, with a big heart. In other words, he does what he says he is going to do, and people like working with him.

But this is probably true of most of his competitors. With no real edge in technology or deliverables, a differentiator needed to come from a new angle. To find it, I did what I usually do. I asked a lot of questions and I listened to my client talk.

Eventually, something he said caused my antennae to perk up:

Fastrac meets their deadlines. If they tell you that the job will be ready on the 15th, it will be ready on the 15th.


All that remained was for Fastrac to put their money where their reputation was. So I proposed that they guarantee their delivery time or the printing is free.

Fastrac Print and Mail Victoria

Did this make Greg nervous? You bet it did. He wouldn’t be human if it didn’t. But he saw the other benefits that would arise from institutionalizing a guarantee:

  • It would give teeth to an operational advantage and turn it into a selling point
  • Fastrac would have to live up to the guarantee, and as a result, the scrutiny of operations would increase
  • The culture of customer-centricity that Greg has fostered would become even more pronounced
  • It would increase the perceived value of what Fastrac does, without having to change what it does
  • It would attract staff in the future who can live up to the promise

I’m pleased to share Greg’s new website with you. Mike Kirk of Stem9 (who created the Robbins Parking site as well) was the developer behind it.


Need something printed or mailed on time? As the website says, Greg’s your man.


Thanks for hanging in there while I took a bit of a break from blogging to get a whack-load of client work done!



2 Responses to “Finding a strategic advantage for a small Victoria business”

  1. TV Amanda July 17, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    Great to have you back in the blogosphere. As always, insightful and interesting post.

    • Doug Brown July 17, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

      It was good to take a break and focus on work. Put into practice some of the stuff I lip off about here. Thanks for the sweet comment Amanda!

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