Advancing the Parallax revolution

19 Aug

Last month, the branding work I did for 4 Pillars, the national debt consultancy, was brought to exuberant life on their new website, which utilizes Parallax scrolling.

The effect, in which multiple backgrounds appear to move at different speeds, creating a 3D effect, has been around video games for years. It’s quickly becoming a go-to for great websites.

For the 4 Pillars site, Las Vegas front end developer James Lai took the traditional dimensional feel of Parallax scrolling a step further with his layering of images, text blocks and video. I was thrilled with the result. The technique allowed the homepage to be clean and dramatic and yet still tell the story. Click on the image to view it and scroll down…

Parallax scrolling 4 Pillars website

This prompted hours of travel down Internet wormholes looking at cool things being done around the world using Parallax scrolling.

My current favourite is this one for web designer Aleksandar Grkinik, aka Egopop.

Egopop website using Parallax scrolling

Not only is the design of this site so gorgeous and whimsical it makes me want to blog about it, but the killer use of the Parallax technique gave me a feeling that I was experiencing something completely new on a website.

Another fave is this one for Ukrainian-born actress Anna Safronck. The homepage unexpectedly animates as you scroll down it, distracting you (only momentarily, mind you) from the photos.

Parallax scrolling website for Anna Safronck

Seen any memorable Parallax scrolling sites? Share them please!



2 Responses to “Advancing the Parallax revolution”

  1. Chris Burdge (@b_WEST) August 19, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    That’s an attractive site Doug. I like the parallax affect. Nice work!

    • Doug Brown August 20, 2013 at 5:12 am #

      Thanks Chris. I tip my hat to the designers who keep pushing these innovations out there. What a cool time to be in the biz!

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