What’s this? A decent political ad?

14 Nov

Yesterday I was hanging with one of my favourite bloggers, Amanda Wilson, when the subject of political branding and advertising came up.

I confessed that I think political ads do the worst job of staying in brand.

They lie. They don’t know how to connect with their audience. They’re grossly inconsistent. Amateur production. Nasty undertones.

They make you sick of the process of public elections, surely not the objective.

As if in response, the universe put this deft and beautifully executed spot for Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne in my path.

Kathleen Wynne ad running

This is political branding in good hands. Believable, straightforward, human, decent.

Wrapping it in the metaphor of running uphill manages to just catch the bleeding edge of any public discontent with her tenure thus far.

This isn’t meant to sway the head, but the heart.  She’s inviting you to get to know her outside of politics to understand her strengths within it.

Enjoy this positive interlude. We all know the Liberal Party machine will take over come election time and it won’t be pretty.



4 Responses to “What’s this? A decent political ad?”

  1. Maureen Blaseckie November 15, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    It’s a nice ad but it isn’t new. The sad thing is this used to be the standard ‘meet the candidate’ style of ads. The negative ad, however, has taken over simply because they are effective.
    I like the idea of reminding the electorate their candidates are people but will it be enough to overcome the current cynicism of the public? My personal experience is the majority of politicians enter the pit because they believe they can make a difference. Over the years it has been harder to say that without it being met with howls of laughter.
    Our recent provincial election went the way it did because of the success of negative ad campaigns. I was on the phones for a local candidate and heard, from the majority of people, “I used to vote for … but I just can’t bring myself to vote for the leader of the party because he can’t be trusted.”
    That was from a steady negative campaign countered by a mostly ‘high road’ strategy of talking issues and strengths. And the final result was what everyone thought would be a romp for the NDP turned into one of the largest majority governments ever for the Liberal party.
    If you can come up with an effective counter ad to the cheap shot ads, go for it. In the meantime even the shoddiest of tossed together fuzzy clips with innuendo and just this side of slanderous voice-over will beat positive ads regardless of the flawless production values.
    I can’t tell you how sad it makes me.

    • Doug Brown November 15, 2013 at 9:50 am #

      Politics is not a game for the meek. A lot of good people get chewed up in the process. To be successful, you have to mix the sweet and the sour. Sad but true!
      But you have to keep on fighting your fight regardless. In life, in politics. When you reach high, you may not attain the stars but you won’t come up with a handful of dirt either.
      Sorry for the bad memories this post prompted Moe!

  2. beloved brands November 16, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

    Canadian Politics? A few months ago, I sat watching Canada AM bored out of my mind. I said to my wife “Canada doesn’t know how to make politics interesting”. Look at the US soap opera, an 18 month campaign for President, constant jockeying and slinging. The only thing Harper has done that is interesting is go to the odd Leaf game. He’s boring. I can’t stand Canada AM. I’d rather watch the Today Show and see some good old fashion slamming.

    In the last few weeks we’ve had Mike Duffy and Rob Ford. Now this is entertainment. Not sure the damage but my god it’s made me watch the news and google their names 5x a day.

    This is a nice ad about our Premier who I might not be able to name later in the day. I sure can’t tell you anything she stands for or has done in the past 12 months. I’ve never seen her speak. It reminds me of when I grew up and we had Bill Davis in office, and I never knew a thing about him either.

    • Doug Brown November 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

      Nonetheless, I’m taking what’s her name over Rob Ford and the Duffster, Graham. 🙂

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