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Abeego battles for $100,000 prize

4 Jun BDC Toni Desroisiers

BDC Toni Desroisiers

Toni Desrosiers, founder of innovative Victoria BC-based Abeego,  is a finalist in the BDC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Abeego (also a Brand Intervention client) is the maker of the original beeswax food wrap.

One finalist was selected from each province. The winner of a public vote, which is on now until June 12, will be awarded $100,000 towards the business!

Check out the finalists and cast your vote for Toni here.

That kind of money would seriously influence her goal to wean humans off plastic cling. You can vote once a day until June 12th and follow her progress on Facebook.

Good luck Toni! And thanks for helping her.



6 reasons why you should read this advertising blog regularly

15 Oct

WordPress, the platform that hosts this blog, has about 20 million active bloggers, with about 500,000 new posts published every day. Why is this one – a small Victoria, BC advertising blog – worth your time?

Allow me to offer 6 reasons for your consideration.

Boxers on a clothesline

1. To get an insider’s view of an outsider’s business. Advertising is a very public industry. Our ideas hang out in full view all the time. But what’s never particularly well-documented is what the industry thinks of itself. I am no evangelist and freely offer up the goods, however beautiful or ugly, wherever I find them.

2. Because advertising is important. We stop drunk drivers, reach out to pregnant teens, encourage responsible use of our natural resources, stimulate the economy, build bridges between cultures, promote the benefits of a regular poop. We may not be “professionals” in the sense that doctors, lawyers or accountants are, and there is no exam to pass or threshold of accreditation to cross to get into the club. But our business attracts some of the most insightful, relentless and creative minds on the planet,  very handy when you’re trying to raise awareness and change behaviours.

3. For Maureen Blaseckie’s comments. When I see that I have a comment from this wonderfully witty Victoria woman, I know the insight and entertainment value of my post has just gone way up.  See what I mean here and here. I hope you appreciate Moe’s parries and thrusts as much as I do.

4. Because you love advertising. Well you do. And so do I. When I first fell in love with Marvel the Mustang in the late 60’s, I was falling for advertising too….I just didn’t yet know it. You are the same. Yes, advertising can try the patience of a Buddhist monk. But no relationship is perfect.


5. Because I’m not a big head. I’ve known my share, and believe me this industry sure knows how to attract them. But I don’t have an agenda to sell here, no book to flog, no career credentials to pad. I may offer opinions, but I try to open the door to discussion. The juicy tidbits of my business that I find and share, and the dialogue that ensues, keeps advertising in the conversation, and that’s what I care about. I can say without any false modesty that I am the least interesting thing about this blog.

6. You love me! (Well look, my dad and brother Dave subscribe to the blog, so technically I can say it.)

If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so in the column on the right. I appreciate every reader very much. Thanks!


Tunnel tourism: the next big thing for Victoria?

19 Feb

Victoria’s entrepreneurial management of its historical assets lies at the heart of the city’s success as a tourist destination. We do a lot with a little.

Tourists tend to move from the Inner Harbour down Government St. to Chinatown, then back. Small strip, but there’s a ton of history packed into those 6 or 7 blocks.

Of course that’s only the history you can see. There’s a whole different level of intrigue going on below the surface. Literally.

The Tunnels.

Tunnel tours

Whether coal chutes from the harbour up through Market Square, escape routes for opium users in Chinatown, or discreet connections between the Empress Hotel and the Union Club, everyone’s heard a story about the tunnels – and there is plenty of fanatical interest. Yet no one really knows the entire network for certain and the City sure isn’t telling.

I was personally introduced to one by the owner of the Pacific Design Academy on Wharf Street who stumbled upon it in his basement while doing renos.

Imagine the financial potential of upgrading those tunnels and creating under-city guided tours: Victoria’ amazing history told through the city’s original town planning.

People love tunnels. Think of the success of the Catacombs in Paris, or the Cu Chi tunnel systems in Vietnam. When managed well, tunnel tourism can be huge business. Seattle has been exploiting its own tunnel history since 1965 thanks to the efforts of legendary historian and promoter Bill Speidel. So the model is already there.

Victory’s history could be even more sensationally brought to life via an Augmented Reality app that you use when you’re on the tour.

Tunnel tourism would make a heck of a viability study for the Entrepreneurial majors in U Vic’s Gustavson School of Business, don’t you think?

Tunnel tours


10 Feb

Here’s my vote for the best new company name and look in Victoria.

Mouthpiece Victoria PR company

Tartan alum Christine Gleed and Trisha Lees have joined forces to launch their own PR/Media relations/Issues management company, Mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece was rolled out in late 2011 with a corporate ID and website courtesy of the fantastically talented Neil Tran.

Christine Gleed of Mouthpiece

Trisha Lees of Mouthpiece

Christine and Trisha have already bagged a bunch of new clients and you should expect to hear plenty more from this duo as the year picks up steam.

After all, they didn’t name themselves Churchmouse!

Superstar student summer update

21 Jul

We’ve been involved with lots of students in the past year and things happen awfully fast when you’re making the transition from school to the working world. We thought we’d bring you an update on what these remarkable talents are up to.

Some have been interns, some have been profiled on our blog, while others are just clearly doing the right things.

UVic BComm student Michela BylMICHELA BYL  Classes end next week for this U Vic BComm student, one of our Up and Comers. She is currently preparing her final venture pitch with her team. Then it’s exhale and time to plan the fall. You may recall that she dreams of a job at Holt Renfrew. She is continuing to pursue that while keeping her eyes peeled for other opportunities. Before she makes any big moves she is taking a well-earned trip to South East Asia.

Capilano University grad Stephan RosgerSTEPHAN ROSGER  A recent Copeland intern and @rosger on Twitter, this guy is a whirling dervish of creative energy and enthusiastic mining of digital developments. Stephan (pronounced STEVEN not STEFAN, blame his parents for making it difficult) is currently back in Vancouver having finished his diploma in Interactive design from Capilano University. Believe me he won’t be long on the sidelines. His Linkedin profile gives you a really great snapshot of his talents.

Camosun BBA student Cale FrombachCALE FROMBACH  A finalist in the Zombie Intern Contest and an Up and Comer on our blog, Cale is set to graduate from Camosun College with a BBA in December 2011. We are hoping to have him in for an internship before some smart business scoops him up. Currently he’s doing contracting for web services (page redesigns, new programs/applications, etc.) and web media (videos, images, social media consulting) for the provincial government.

Vancouver Island University grad Brad TribbeckBRAD TRIBBECK  One of our Zombie Intern Contest finalists, Brad did not one, but two internships with Copeland this year. He is now back in Nanaimo, having just graduated from Vancouver Island University with a BBA (Marketing), and is working at digital print shop Print Three while casting his credentials across the Georgia Strait looking for work at an ad agency in client servicing. You can check out his profile here.

Vancouver Island University MBA candidate Kayodé WanKAYODÉ WAN  One of our Up and Comers, Kayodé is stuck in the middle of exams and rounding off his semester at Vancouver Island University. He has another semester left which ends in November, after which he will be required to find a four-month internship – and he’s actively on the hunt for it. He’s a passionate brand man (hence his Twitter nick: @brandnutter) and will continue spreading the gospel of humanizing Integrated Marketing Communications.

Camosun College 3rd Year BBA student Bryan DwyerBRYAN DWYER   Another of our Zombie Intern Contest finalists, Bryan just impressed the hell out of us during his 2-month internship and is now working with a local online marketing company, creating online strategies, generating content, and setting up online sites for social media. He returns to Camosun College this September to begin the third year of his BBA in Marketing Communications Management.

Royal Roads BA grad Stephanie KlakSTEPHANIE KLAK  As of last week Stephanie, one of our Up and Comers, has officially finished her B.A. in Professional Communications at Royal Roads – with distinction.  For the past month, she has been working on a documentary/multimedia project on lying in relationships. And, true to her values, she continues to volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages. Meanwhile her antennae are up for opportunities in communications in the non profit sector, the public service, and the political realm – while dreaming about internships in the U.N.

Pacific Design Academy grad Danny PrewDANNY PREW  Our Zombie Intern Contest winner is currently doing time at Copeland and will be with us until late August. After that, he will be on the market and ripe for a job in design. He recently graduated from Pacific Design Academy and bagged an Applied Arts student award for this infographic. You can check out his excellent portfolio here.

UVic BComm grad Dan MacDonaldDAN MACDONALD  The first Up and Comer we profiled, Dan has landed yet another dream internship. His BComm at UVic complete, he has moved to Vancouver to intern at Canada’s best ad agency DDB. He continues to run his Dead Celebrities clothing business while learning the ins and outs of advertising and marketing from some of the best minds in Canada. Way to go Dan!

Victoria actors have a field day

11 Jul

Caught several of the excellent skits along the Galloping Goose Saturday in Victoria’s new summer ritual Bike Ride: A Mobile Feast of Live Performances.

Bike Ride Circuit Station 10

For those who missed it, 12 stations are set up at spots along the Goose from Burnside Gorge Community Centre all the way up to the Bay St. Bridge. Short plays are enacted at each for the benefit of pods of cyclists, who do the circuit. Brilliant idea.

What does this have to do with advertising? you might ask.

> I spied Copeland’s favourite actors, David Radford and Christina Patterson, at Station 10 near The Railyards.

They are the remarkably gifted voice-over talents we’ve used for just about every radio spot we’ve done in the past 3 years: BC Ferries, Island Savings, Columbia Fuels, Vancouver Island Brewery, The TC, Academy of Learning, Ellice Recycle … you name it, David and Christina have done it.

Victoria actors David Radford and Christina Patterson perform at Bike Ride

They’ve been mobsters, courtroom lawyers, stand-up comedians, Italians, Brits, Yanks.

These two can really bring it and it’s a treat to watch them in full comic flight.

At Bike Ride, they collaborated with local actor Chris Cooley on a hilarious crime-scene spoof about the murder of a mermaid.

It’s on again next Saturday and Sunday. Great chance to put faces to some of the best voice talents working the West Coast.

Victoria actors Chris Cooley, Christina Patterson and David Radford perform at Bike Ride

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