Abeego is out to change the way you keep food fresh

27 Nov

Abeego flats

Toni Desrosiers is a woman with a global mission. She wants you to stop using plastic cling to preserve your food and switch to Abeego.

Abeego is a fabric of hemp and organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. These natural ingredients have each been used for centuries for their preservative qualities. The result is a slightly tacky, moldable fabric that warms up in your hands and easily wraps around the food you want to store. In the fridge, Abeego becomes stiffer, adhering to the shape.

Unlike plastic cling, which leads to condensation build-up and therefore quicker decomposition, Abeego lets your food breath while preserving it.

Abeego flats keeping food freshAbeego keeps blueberries fresh

Abeego preserves cheese

I have been using Abeego for 6 months now and I hardly ever throw rotting vegetables out anymore. They stay fresh in Abeego much longer. It’s phenomenal for preserving cheese, breads, fruits, veggies…there’s an endless list. These shiitake mushroom spent 7 days wrapped in Abeego and emerged as fresh as when I bought them.

how to keep shiitake mushrooms fresh

I love it so much I bought the company.

Well no I didn’t, but I did the rebranding and helped with their new website, which is live as of today. Click on the image and check it out!

Abeego beeswax food wrap

The site was designed and built by Neil Tran and his team at Leap Web Solutions using Shopify, which Neil reports is THE BOMB.

Abeego is already being sold in several hundred retails stores around the world.  A few imitators have popped up, boldly stealing the Abeego language and imagery. But this is the original, folks, made right here in Victoria, BC.

Abeego Toni Desrosiers

The brains and the muscle behind Abeego. Toni Desrosiers and Colin Johnston.

Toni is a nutritionist by training. She knows fresher food is healthier food. The idea for Abeego emerged from this thinking and she and her husband Colin have spent the past 5 years turning her idea into a business bent on changing the world.  Interest in their creation is taking off, with orders coming in from Australia, the UK, Asia and of course Canada and the US.

SPOILER ALERT: I just figured out that Abeego would make a great gift to give at Christmas!


What’s this? A decent political ad?

14 Nov

Yesterday I was hanging with one of my favourite bloggers, Amanda Wilson, when the subject of political branding and advertising came up.

I confessed that I think political ads do the worst job of staying in brand.

They lie. They don’t know how to connect with their audience. They’re grossly inconsistent. Amateur production. Nasty undertones.

They make you sick of the process of public elections, surely not the objective.

As if in response, the universe put this deft and beautifully executed spot for Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne in my path.

Kathleen Wynne ad running

This is political branding in good hands. Believable, straightforward, human, decent.

Wrapping it in the metaphor of running uphill manages to just catch the bleeding edge of any public discontent with her tenure thus far.

This isn’t meant to sway the head, but the heart.  She’s inviting you to get to know her outside of politics to understand her strengths within it.

Enjoy this positive interlude. We all know the Liberal Party machine will take over come election time and it won’t be pretty.


Toot Sweets squeaks out the win

30 Oct

Shannon Melnyk of Vancouver eeked out a win in the Rename the Shreddies contest by a solitary vote. Here are the final results in today’s ballot.

Shannon Melnyk's Toot Sweets winsIn addition to the glory and exaltation that comes with the win, Shannon also picks up a free pair of Toot Sweets (well, they’re still called Shreddies) – the flatulence filtering underwear.

Nice job by Peter Chen (Unawear) and Maureen Blaseckie (Sneakers) for their clever names.  Thanks for the laughs!


It’s a dead heat

30 Oct

We have a 3-way tie for first place in the Rename the Shreddies contest, which is rather inconvenient.  Shreddies are the UK underwear that absorb noxious wind.

Here are your 3 favourites. Each garnered exactly 20% of the vote.

  • Sneakers
  • Unawear
  • Toot Sweets

But there can only be one winner.  So I must call upon your help once more.

Red and gold crown

Which name will be crowned??

Vote for the best name for flatulence sucking underpants

28 Oct

Couple holding hands

Thanks for the inspired entries to find another name for Shreddies, the underpants that suck up the smell of your farts though a carbon panel in the bum area.

Shreddies belong in your breakfast bowl, not in your underpants.  Hence the contest.

Please vote for your favourite name. The writer of the winning entry will receive a free pair of the newly-named briefs.

I can tell you from experience, they’re terrific for airplane trips, elevators and long walks on the beach.

Flatulence absorbing underwear needs a better name

26 Oct

Fart Free underwear Shreddies

Sorry folks, but it’s not everyday that someone introduces underwear that smothers the smell of farts. My brand brain starts to spin out of control.

The UK company responsible for this laudable innovation employs the same technology that goes into goes into chemical warfare suits. A pad of activated carbon cloth sits in a little rear door panel.  The pad can actually absorb up to 200 times the smell of the worst flatulence you (not me, of course) can dish out.

The only thing missing here is a better name than Shreddies, which is how they’re being marketed in the UK. So I’m throwing it out to my loyal readers to come up with some suggestions.

The winning entrant will receive a free pair of these must-have first-date accessories.

I will get the ball rolling: Fart Catchers.

Ok, your turn.


HTML5 video: The next big thing for websites?

24 Oct

There hasn’t been a standard for showing a video/movie on a web page.

Most videos are shown through a plug-in (like Flash). However different browsers may have different plug-ins, and we all know the issues with Flash and SEO.

That’s why the HTML5 <video> element looks set to become the next big thing.

It defines a standard for embedding a video on a website – one without a plug-in – and the results can be stunning.

This site for architectural/design firm Powerhouse Company uses the element to impressive effect. Click on the pic to watch it.

I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this.

example of website using HTML5 video

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