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Introducing blended

28 May website for blended agency inc

blended is a new Victoria-based BC company that comprises me, my partner Russ Mounsey, and a cast of strategic and creative superstars.

We’ve come together as a team to work with BC wineries; to help them with operations, distribution, sales and marketing.

Our website went live today – click on the image and check it out!

website for blended agency inc

So does this mean the end of Brand Intervention? No! It means I go from being busy to being really busy.

Some quick facts about blended:

> The name. We got lucky. Seemed like the right name, given the way our distinct skills come together…in the manner of a blended wine.

> The office. We don’t have one. We have a beautiful boardroom in Vic Quay where we meet in Victoria.

> The salaried staff. There aren’t any. We will eat (and drink) what we grow. Our team members have their own healthy businesses and come into play when their brains and heart are needed.

Russ and I do the upfront strategic planning and outline growth strategies in 3 key areas: profitability, audience and brand awareness. Then we bring in the team to work with us as we flesh out the strategies and execute the tactics. We committed early on to holding out for the best people to work with, both in terms of talent and spirit. Hence the extended blended team:

  • Sara Park – social media strategy
  • Neil Tran of Leap Web Solutions – packaging and web design/development. (Leap did our gorgeous logo and website.)
  • Derek Ford – photography
  • Treve Ring of Cru Consultancy – sommelier, wine listings, tasting notes.
  • Jodie Carlisle – marketing strategy
  • Steve Hutchison of Treehouse Media – media strategy
  • Trisha Lees of Rep Lab – media training, reputation strategy
  • Rod Philips – retail strategy
  • Christine Gleed of Circle Communications – public and media relations
  • Adem Tepedelen – copywriting
  • Gord Carson of Planet Pictures – film and video director

This is a team of rock stars! We can’t wait to unleash their talents to the benefit of BC wineries.

I understand we may have to participate in regular product evaluation along the way, but we’ll work with that.

Cheers from the team at blended!

champagne glasses clinking


Lightening the mood of the Brand Intervention logo

20 Jan

A couple of days ago I introduced my new logo. It generated a lot of commentary.

For some people, the logo glorified gun violence, and in the wake of Sandy Hook, there wasn’t much enthusiasm for the gun imagery.

Others gave it a thumbs-up, seeing in it the lampooning of a Tarantino-style archetype that was the intention.

The really astute pointed out that it was too far removed from who I am as a person and how I work. That argument right there convinced me that I needed to go back to the drawing board. Designer Neil Tran picked up on the public conversation, and went straight back at it. Yesterday he provided me with this new design.

logo Doug Brown brand intervention umbrella

It spoke to me right away.

Your opinions are important and I welcome them.

I’ve found this very public process to be invaluable. It brought home (my home this time) how critical it is for businesses to listen to the market and be prepared to respond and adapt.

True, you can’t have design by committee, and you certainly should never try to make everyone happy, because you can’t. But you can measure the feedback and determine if what you are doing – whatever it is – is going to meet your criteria for success.

So thanks for being part of the logo design team!

And for anyone who is lamenting the tonal shift from Tarantino to Mary Poppins, the truth is I was never that cool anyway.

Starting the New Year off with a bang

15 Jan

I’m thrilled for my first post of the year to be an introduction to my new brand and logo.

Oh, you’ve seen Brand Intervention winking away up there in the masthead for a few months now, but I needed a really cool logo to make it official.

logo for Doug Brown's Brand Intervention

I think my friend (and graphic design genius) Neil Tran killed this.

I’ll be following this up toot sweet with a new website and refreshed blog design.

Until then, it’s back to hunting down those brands that are making a hash of things – or doing it unreasonably well – and sharing my insights about them with you here.

Bang! We’re off…


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